The Day French TV arrived…to film my paintings!

I’m pleased to say that my Christmas 2016 Open House exhibition in Brighton was a great success. But what really iced the cake, so to speak, was the unexpected arrival of a French TV company who film and produce a popular cultural affairs series called Echapees Belles, broadcast by channel ‘France 5’.  Included in the shot above is Judy Stevens from AOH, me and  the very nice interviewer. they really liked my work!

This series is watched by over 1,000,000 French viewers. (hee hee)  What a surreal afternoon this was!   All my customers ran away as the film crew arrived!. It’s the second time I’ve been on telly to do with my paintings. In 2013 I was filmed painting in an episode of BBC Countryfile

Here is the entire episode. It is possible to skip a large pat of the video by going straight to minute 40 (all about Brighton) and my show features at minute 50.  Happy viewing!